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    Leon Visconti – Italian passion in each creation


    Jewellery is a mysterious and fascinating world of refinement, luxury, the source of positive energy and good mood. Magic which is enclosed in every jeweller’s creation, fascinates from the first sight – the shine of precious stones, refinements of precious metals, the harmony of shapes – all of it charms, makes one’s heart beat faster, puts one into the state of sweet bliss, and takes to a wonderful Universe named Dream…


    Without a doubt, jewellery is a luxury; however its distinctive feature consists in the fact that everyone with no exception needs it. It is what not only accentuates individuality and creates a unique image, but also becomes the tuning fork for one’s soul and the reflection of its owner’s rich inner world.


    Harmony, refinement, style, elegance, magnificence and true beauty are characteristic features of Leon Visconti – a brand of exclusive jewellery from Italy. Every collection released in limited edition and manufactured by eminent craftsmen, contains unique articles from gold and silver with various precious stones, including emeralds, sapphires, amethysts and many others.


    Jewellery that suits one’s mood and satisfies any, even the most sophisticated, taste is a distinctive feature of Leon Visconti products: rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, exclusive evening jewellery will produce an indelible impression on surrounding people, will accentuate one’s merits, and introduce the aura of mystery and the aroma of style.


    A perfect harmony of beauty, sensuality, true charm of Leon Visconti jewellery is the only right step on the way to perfection.